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map/reduce is corrupting data between map and reduce



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      It appears that a random data corruption is happening between the map and the reduce. This looks to be a blocker until it is resolved. There were two relevant messages on hadoop-dev:

      from Mike Smith:

      The map/reduce jobs are not consistent in hadoop 0.11 release and trunk both
      when you rerun the same job. I have observed this inconsistency of the map
      output in different jobs. A simple test to double check is to use hadoop
      0.11 with nutch trunk.

      from Albert Chern:

      I am having the same problem with my own map reduce jobs. I have a job
      which requires two pieces of data per key, and just as a sanity check I make
      sure that it gets both in the reducer, but sometimes it doesn't. What's
      even stranger is, the same tasks that complain about missing key/value pairs
      will maybe fail two or three times, but then succeed on a subsequent try,
      which leads me to believe that the bug has to do with randomization (I'm not
      sure, but I think the map outputs are shuffled?).

      All of my code works perfectly with 0.9, so I went back and just compared
      the sizes of the outputs. For some jobs, the outputs from 0.11 were
      consistently 4 bytes larger, probably due to changes in SequenceFile. But
      for others, the output sizes were all over the place. Some partitions were
      empty, some were correct, and some were missing data. There seems to be
      something seriously wrong with 0.11, so I suggest you use 0.9. I've been
      trying to pinpoint the bug but its random nature is really annoying.


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