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Docker image missing support for RD connection broker / display update



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      Connecting from Guacamole to a RD Connection Broker does not work with the docker image for guacd:1.0.0 compiled under the `debian:stable` docker base. This is apparently due to the version of FreeRDP included in the image, which does not include working support for RD connection brokers. The version of FreeRDP within the image similarly lacks support for the display update channel (originally reported via GUACAMOLE-787).

      We have had zero issues with this capability under the 0.9.14 guacd docker image but noticed connectivity failures after updating to 1.0.0. After lots of troubleshooting I ended up reverting the commit where guacd’s docker base image was changed from Ubuntu to Debian. I then built a docker image from the Ubuntu-based Dockerfile, and our connectivity issues have stopped. I strongly suspect that the freerdp version/build is somehow to blame, combined perhaps with some changes to how guacd 1.0.0 is handling redirects from the connection broker (adding this latter caveat since it worked under the 0.9.14 docker image, which was using an older version/build of the freerdp library).

      For context, this is being tested against a RD Connection Broker and RD Session Host nodes all running Windows 2016.

      Sample of our configuration:

      <config name="MyConfig" protocol="rdp">
         <param name="create-drive-path" value="true" />
         <param name="domain" value="ad.mydomain.net" />
         <param name="drive-path" value="/var/tmp/guacamole/${GUAC_USERNAME}" />
         <param name="enable-printing" value="true" />
         <param name="hostname" value="rdsh.mydomain.net" />
         <param name="ignore-cert" value="true" />
         <param name="load-balancing-info" value="tsv://MS Terminal Services Plugin.1.RDS_Collection" />
         <param name="password" value="${GUAC_PASSWORD}" />
         <param name="port" value="3389" />
         <param name="security" value="NLA" />
         <param name="server-layout" value="en-us-querty" />
         <param name="username" value="${GUAC_USERNAME}" />

      I believe this is directly related to this previously closed issue: GUACAMOLE-370.


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