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Allow SFTP root directory to be configured



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      The description of this issue was copied from GUAC-1352, an issue in the JIRA instance used by the Guacamole project prior to its acceptance into the Apache Incubator.

      Comments, attachments, related issues, and history from prior to acceptance have not been copied and can be found instead at the original issue.

      Guacamole currently assumes that the root directory of the SFTP server is "/", and that this directory will be readable. In practice, this is not guaranteed to be the case. In addition to variation in file permissions, SFTP servers may not actually have a directory at "/". Though the standard requires that absolute paths begin with a "/" (and that the path separator is "/"), it does not require that "/" be a real directory nor that it be readable.

      In the case of a platform which lacks a root directory entirely (such as Windows or certain routers), this means that you end up with legitimate paths like "/C:/some/directory/" even though "/" does not exist and thus cannot be listed.

      For the sake of supporting such platforms, and for the case where SFTP access should be restricted to a specific directory and its subdirectories, the root directory should be configurable.




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