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Microphone input causes Guacamole session to hang (RDP)



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    • 1.5.0
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    • guacamole, guacamole-client, RDP
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    • Using guacamole 1.5.0.

      Guacamole Server:
      Rocky Linux 8, Tomcat 9

      Windows RDP Server:
      Windows Server 2019

      Windows 11 + Chrome 112
      Windows 11 + Firefox 112
      Windows 10 + Firefox 112



      I've been trying to use microphone/audio input feature in Guacamole, and been testing the feature using Guacamole 1.5.0.

      Audio output is working correctly, and without issues/glitches.

      Microphone support is enabled ("AUDIO_INPUT" channel).

      When I capture sound in the remote application (using Audacity as an example, but tested with other apps, such as Google Chrome, or even the "microphone settings" on Windows), it asks for microphone access permission on the local browser.

      After being given permission, it starts to send microphone/audio data to the Guacamole server (via "blob" messages on the websocket), but the session hangs after a bit.

      The "network connection ... unstable" message appears on the browser:

      At this point, I can't interact with the remote session, and the screen doesn't update.

      I can, however, see that "blob" messages are sent continuously through the websocket, nonstop.

      If I reconnect by refreshing the page, everything works normally once again.

      I can see that Audacity captured less than 0.5 seconds of audio (I can play it back and listen to the captured audio).

      Nothing of notice on the Tomcat log, and I include the guacd log (which is being executed as "guacd -L debug -f"), the first file is the log up until the issue appeared, and the second log is after reconnecting.

      Is anyone else experiencing this? Is microphone support usable for anyone else?



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