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      We are planning to alter groovydoc in groovy 3.0 to use the antlr4 parser for groovy and plug in an antlr4 java grammar to replace or existing one. (We have some alternative experiments in play to also look at using an alternative java parser, or running java stubs through normal javadoc and do some post-processing - but in all cases some remedial work is required for 2_5_X).

      This epic is to fix up a number of cases that currently exist in 3.0 (until we complete the aforementioned work) but will also remain for the 2_5_X stream even after that work is done.

      So basically, we will tweak the java grammar to understand some bits of Java 8+, e.g. try-with-resources, but in some cases we may not do enough work for java2groovy to also completely work in those cases (it is currently not in our plans to complete that work since we plan to focus on Groovy 3.0). The goal is for no cases which currently pass java2groovy parsing to become broken after the changes - but cases which currently fail may continue to fail but with a slightly different error - since parsing will be somewhat more complete in some cases.




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