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Multiple improvements to the groovy console to enhance data/code visualization



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    • Groovy Console Reactive Data Visualization


      Each step being an improvement in itself and ending in a "reactive data visualization" or the ability to see immediately all values of variables throughout the code. The following will be split into multiple issues (many of these are orthogonal issues but add up toward one cause):
      1. Enable option for output to be on the right side. (horizontal split)
      2. Add script binding (named _c maybe) to script which has a method or methods that add a value to a list associated with current code line and variable name (propertyMissing?). x = 1; _c.x = x
      3. Output the values from _c into console's output. x = 1
      4. Output lines up with code line that produced it (or at least near it).
      5. Option to enhance byte-code so that _c.put(name, value) gets called wherever possible without user explicitly coding it.
      6. Group multiple values and don't display until a button is clicked or similar. Large output, such as images, shows in a new window/frame.
      7. Add to existing output visualizers to include simple graphs of values over time.
      8. Enable options to "dock" certain outputs  (embed in Groovy Console)
      9 or earlier. Automatically run code after code is edited (optional and automatically checks "Auto clear on Run" and unchecks "include code in output")




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