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Report more meaningful error for versions of Groovy not supporting @Repeatable


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    • Fix Version/s: 2.4.13
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      groovy 2.4.11


      I cloned the issue. As well as providing support for @Repeatable, we should give a more meaningful error message for any streams of Groovy where we don't support it. I'd guess supported (2.5.0), unsupported (2.4.x); but in any case, this issue is to handle the unsupported case.

      Instead of:

      java.lang.annotation.AnnotationFormatError ...

      We could have something like:

      Annotation @MyAnnotation has RUNTIME retention and 2 occurrences.
      Automatic repeated annotations are not allowed in this version of Groovy.
      Consider explicitly adding the @MyAnnotationArray collector annotation.

      ---- original description -----

      raised on stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44532632/is-the-repeatable-annotation-not-supported-by-groovy/44628119#44628119

      Problem: the following code in groovy 2.4.11 / java8

         @MyAnnotation(value = "val1")
         @MyAnnotation(value = "val2")
         void annotatedMethod() { println("annotated method called") }

      should be compiled to this:

         @MyAnnotationArray({@MyAnnotation("val1"), @MyAnnotation("val2")})
         void annotatedMethod() { println("annotated method called") }

      but actually compiled to this:

         @MyAnnotation(value = "val1")
         @MyAnnotation(value = "val2")
         void annotatedMethod() { println("annotated method called") }

      The full groovy script to reproduce problem is below.
      It throws exception:
      java.lang.annotation.AnnotationFormatError: Duplicate annotation for class: interface MyAnnotation: @MyAnnotation(value=val2)

      at line `List annos = m.getAnnotations()`

      import java.lang.annotation.*
      class MyClass 
          @MyAnnotation(value = "val1")
          @MyAnnotation(value = "val2")
          //change annotation to next line and the code will work
          //@MyAnnotationArray( [@MyAnnotation("val1"), @MyAnnotation("val2")] )
          public void annotatedMethod()
            System.out.println("annotated method called");
         public static void main(String... args)
            MyClass ob = new MyClass()
            java.lang.reflect.Method m = ob.getClass().getMethod("annotatedMethod")
            List annos = m.getAnnotations()
            println("annos = $annos")
      public @interface MyAnnotation
          String value() default "val0";
      public @interface MyAnnotationArray 
         MyAnnotation[] value()


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