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an experimental pre-processor hook for groovy


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      Since people are starting talking about adding macros etc to Groovy. I have quickly packed a poor man's experimental pre-processor here and would like to show that a simple and easy pre-processor can be done and achieve some nice functionality.

      With groovy-pp, now I can do things like:

      1. sqlG

      id = 1
      #sql [sql] {
      select firstname, lastname
      into :fn, :ln
      from mytable
      where emp_id = :id

      #sql [sql] {
      update thetable set firstname = :fn where emp_id = :id

      ":" is used to identify host variables. It's inspired by sqlJ.

      More embedded SQL has yet to be implemented.

      2. Make powerful JavaBeans :

      class MyBean {
      #bound int balance = 0
      #readonly name
      #writeonly message

      And then I can use Closure to listen to the propertyChangeEvent:

      bean = new MyBena()
      bean.addPropertyChangeListener {
      print "${it.propertyName}, ${it.oldValue}, ${it.newValue}"

      3. A beeper

      Actually it's for quick dumping messages to stdout with the information of the current method, class, and line number in the source file:

      a = 1
      1.times {
      #beep "a has a value of ${a}"
      #beep a has a value of :a

      -O< PPBeepTest$1.doCall(PPBeepTest.groovy:7): a has a value of 1
      -O< PPBeepTest$1.doCall(PPBeepTest.groovy:7): a has a value of 1

      The beeper can be turned off quickly by


      There is also a macro that saves me from typing excessive "\" in a regular expressions.

      All the above is sampled by a file called

      Where all the source code can be found, including a configuration file that maps macro directives to processors. All these are hard-coded right now.

      Basically I have added a filter to the InputStreamCharStream, which provides source stream to the lexer. All the macro expanding happens before the lexer.

      I have used # as the indicator of possible pre-processing and it has to be the first none-space character on a line to take effect. I believe some people prefer other indicators such as @. We can easily change that later.

      This stuff is very experimental and probably only good for demo purpose. But I like the light-weight nature that allows everyone to quickly hack Groovy. It's quite possible that the whole thing will be tossed out once we have a formal interface for language extension.

      Personally I have found the JavaBeans macros are quite powerful together with use of Closures as listeners. Note that that indexed properties are not implemented yet.

      I have made minor changes to InputStreamCharStream to open up the hook. One or two new methods have been created in the DefaultGroovyMethod, which are none-essential and nice to have. A little change is also made to the Sql class, but i don't think it's required to run the test script.

      Gone for sleep


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