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Implement a JSON/Java-to-XML mapping tool to auto-generate gora-*-mapping.xml files

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      The idea here is to lower the barrier for entry for folks wishing to get up and running with Gora.
      Currently when pulling Gora Maven artifacts, the confiuguration process is 'usually' as follows

      • write your gora.properties file
      • write your .avsc which effectively determines your data and persistence model and storage characteristics
      • generate your data store specific gora-${insert_data_store_here}-mapping.xml file

      I think it would be real nice if we could provide a data modelling tool which effectively can run within the GoraCompiler phase of the data modelling and persistent code generation phase of the Gora lifecycle.
      Effectively what this would require is some tool which would compliment the GoraCompiler and would auto generate a template for your mapping file with default attributes, values, etc.

      I think (and hope) that such a tool would enable us to lower the barrier further for new folk wish to use Gora within their pipeline to persist data somewhere.

      On my travels, I came across Xstream [0], which (AFAIK) reads JSON and produces XML. Maybe this could be utilized to achieve the above.

      [0] http://xstream.codehaus.org/




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