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gora-cassandra array type support



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      In order to support ARRAY in gora-cassandra, we have two scenarios as follows:
      1) super column family like the current MAP implementation; or
      2) single column to store all elements of ARRAY.
      Each senario has pros and cons, but I'd prefer 1) and I have implemented a prototype.

      1) super column family

        • pros
      • consistent with MAP
      • each column stores primitive type value.
        • cons
      • ARRAY cannot be contained in RECORD or MAP.

      2) single column

        • pros
      • complex type such as RECORD and MAP can have ARRAY value.
        • cons
      • large size of ARRAY requres a huge single column value.
      • difficult to implement for STRING and BYTES (variable length).

      Currently, super column is used for other complex types such as RECORD and MAP,
      so it is consistent to use super column for ARRAY.
      Considering this, the rule that complex type cannot have complex type value
      seems a reasonable limitation, and it makes rule simple.

      If we take 1) senario with super column family,
      I can provide a patch of my implementation.


        1. GORA-138-v3.patch
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          Kazuomi Kashii
        2. GORA-138-v2.patch
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          Kazuomi Kashii
        3. GORA-131-132-133-134.patch
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        4. GORA-138.patch
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          Kazuomi Kashii

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