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Create VertexRunner to make it easier to run users' computations


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      Currently, if a user wants to implement a Giraph algorithm by extending Vertex they must also write all the boilerplate around the Tool interface and bundle it with the Giraph jar (or get Giraph on the classpath and playing nice with the implementation). For example, what is included in the PageRankBenchmark and what Kohei has done: It would be better if we had perhaps a Vertex implementation to be subclassed that already had all the standard Tooling included such that all one had to run would be (assuming the Giraph jar was already on the classpath):

      hadoop jar my-awesome-vertex.jar my.awesome.vertex -i jazz_input -o jazz_output -if -of org.apache.giraph.lib.out.text.adjacency-list.LongDoubleDouble

      This wouldn't work with every algorithm, but would be useful in a large number of cases.

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