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GiraphJob should have configuration split out of it to be cleaner (GiraphConf)

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    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.0.0
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      Currently all the configuration for Giraph is part of GiraphJob, making things messy for GiraphJob.

      It would be better if we added a GiraphConf (similar to Hive) that is responsible for handling configuration of the Job.


      public class GiraphJob extends Configuration....

      To simplify config, we should make get/set methods for as many of the parameters as possible.

      We are targeting configuration such as


      • Set the vertex class (required)
      • @param vertexClass Runs vertex computation
        public final void setVertexClass(Class<?> vertexClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(VERTEX_CLASS, vertexClass, BasicVertex.class); }


      • Set the vertex input format class (required)
      • @param vertexInputFormatClass Determines how graph is input
        public final void setVertexInputFormatClass(
        Class<?> vertexInputFormatClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(VERTEX_INPUT_FORMAT_CLASS, vertexInputFormatClass, VertexInputFormat.class); }


      • Set the vertex output format class (optional)
      • @param vertexOutputFormatClass Determines how graph is output
        public final void setVertexOutputFormatClass(
        Class<?> vertexOutputFormatClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(VERTEX_OUTPUT_FORMAT_CLASS, vertexOutputFormatClass, VertexOutputFormat.class); }


      • Set the vertex combiner class (optional)
      • @param vertexCombinerClass Determines how vertex messages are combined
        public final void setVertexCombinerClass(Class<?> vertexCombinerClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(VERTEX_COMBINER_CLASS, vertexCombinerClass, VertexCombiner.class); }


      • Set the graph partitioner class (optional)
      • @param graphPartitionerFactoryClass Determines how the graph is partitioned
        public final void setGraphPartitionerFactoryClass(
        Class<?> graphPartitionerFactoryClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(GRAPH_PARTITIONER_FACTORY_CLASS, graphPartitionerFactoryClass, GraphPartitionerFactory.class); }


      • Set the vertex resolver class (optional)
      • @param vertexResolverClass Determines how vertex mutations are resolved
        public final void setVertexResolverClass(Class<?> vertexResolverClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(VERTEX_RESOLVER_CLASS, vertexResolverClass, VertexResolver.class); }


      • Set the worker context class (optional)
      • @param workerContextClass Determines what code is executed on a each
      • worker before and after each superstep and computation
        public final void setWorkerContextClass(Class<?> workerContextClass) { getConfiguration().setClass(WORKER_CONTEXT_CLASS, workerContextClass, WorkerContext.class); }



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