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Update the HTTP Module for Tomcat instructions to include current required jars




      Step 6 of the installation instructions tell the user to:

      Copy the following jar files from the Tanzu GemFire lib subdirectory to the lib subdirectory of your Tomcat server ($CATALINA_HOME/lib), adding version numbers to the filenames as needed:

      • commons-io jar
      • commons-lang jar
      • commons-validator jar
      • fastutil jar
      • geode-common jar
      • geode-core jar
      • geode-logging jar
      • geode-management jar
      • geode-membership jar
      • geode-serialization jar
      • geode-tcp-server jar
      • javax.transaction-api jar
      • jgroups jar
      • log4j-api jar
      • log4j-core jar
      • log4j-jul jar
      • micrometer-core jar
      • shiro-core jar

      This list is dated and does not include all the libraries that are mentioned as dependancies of this jars. For instance, the manifest for geode-core lists many jars as dependancies in it’s classpath that are not in the above list (e.g. antlr-2.7.7.jar, snappy-0.4.jar, etc.):
      Manifest-Version: 1.0 2Automatic-Module-Name: io.pivotal.gemfire.core 3Organization: VMware, Inc. 4Dependent-Modules: geode-membership-9.10.14 geode-http-service-9.10.14 5 geode-management-9.10.14 geode-unsafe-9.10.14 6Module-Name: geode-core 7Class-Path: antlr-2.7.7.jar commons-io-2.6.jar micrometer-core-1.6.3.j 8 ar javax.resource-api-1.7.1.jar shiro-core-1.8.0.jar jaxb-api-2.3.1.j 9 ar jaxb-impl-2.3.2.jar commons-modeler-2.0.1.jar javax.mail-api-1.6.2 10 .jar mx4j-3.0.2.jar mx4j-remote-3.0.2.jar mx4j-tools-3.0.1.jar jna-pl 11 atform-5.5.0.jar jna-5.5.0.jar jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar snappy-0.4.jar c 12 lassgraph-4.8.52.jar rmiio-2.1.2.jar javax.activation-1.2.0.jar istac 13 k-commons-runtime-3.0.9.jar swagger-annotations-1.5.23.jar shiro-conf 14 ig-ogdl-1.8.0.jar shiro-cache-1.8.0.jar shiro-crypto-hash-1.8.0.jar s 15 hiro-crypto-cipher-1.8.0.jar shiro-config-core-1.8.0.jar shiro-event- 16 1.8.0.jar shiro-crypto-core-1.8.0.jar shiro-lang-1.8.0.jar slf4j-api- 17 1.7.28.jar javax.activation-api-1.2.0.jar HdrHistogram-2.1.12.jar Lat 18 encyUtils-2.0.3.jar javax.transaction-api-1.3.jar 19Title: geode 20Version: 9.10.14 21Created-By: root

      }}and geode-common
      1Manifest-Version: 1.02Organization: VMware, Inc.3Dependent-Modules:4Module-Name: geode-common5Class-Path: jackson-databind- jackson-annotations-2.10.5.j6 ar jackson-core-2.10.5.jar7Title: geode8Version: 9.10.149Created-By: root}}
      A fully exhaustive list has not yet been determined and confirmed, but it should be almost all the jars provided in the distribution’s “lib” directory (the classpath of the geode-dependencies meta-jar gives, perhaps, the most concise list).




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