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Toolbar icons not found if tool is installed in user config dir



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      The XXE tool is referencing several icons in the XXE distribution in a way that requires the tool to be installed within the application directory structure.

      As of version 2.10 (or was it 2.9p1?), the user config dir is a replica of the application config dir, and is scanned upon application startup. This makes it natural to install the forrest XXE tool in the user space, to avoid having to reinstall it each time XXE is updated.

      Because the icon references are relative to the installation dir of XXE (and assuming that the tool is installed at a certain directory depth within it), it is presently not possible to install the tool in the XXE user config area. The tool initialisation will crash, which again will turn off the tool.

      A simple solution would be to just copy the icons into the forreset tool, but I have been unable to find any license text or any other description on whether that would be acceptable.

      Another solution would be to enhance the URI of the icons with a reference to the installation directory, but I don't know whether there exists a mechanism that would allow the necessary platform independence and flexibility.


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