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Per folder themes do not work in sub-subfolders



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      It is supposed to be possible to create custom views that will be applied to a given folder. However there appears to be a problem with the generation of the theme when a subfolder contains another subfolder which in turn provides a customised theme. To illustrate this I have added some basic example docs to the dispatcher plugin (see the SVN record for this issue for details).

      To reproduce the error request do forrest run on the dispatcher plugin then request http://localhost:8888/how/perFolderThemes/index.html this page will correctly display the pelt theme without the pdf export (this is the customisation I made to the pelt theme here).

      Now request http://localhost:8888/how/perFolderThemes/subFolder/index.html and you will see the same theme, but it should be pelt minus the pdf *and* minues the breadcrumb trail (as defined in pelt.fv in this folder).

      Restart forrest, this will clear the caches.

      Now request the same pages but in the other order, i.e. request http://localhost:8888/how/perFolderThemes/subFolder/index.html first and you will see the correct theme (pelt minus breadcrumbs and PDF), then request http://localhost:8888/how/perFolderThemes/index.html and you see the same theme (it should be pelt minus pdf, but with the breadcrumbs).

      It looks to me like the locationmap cache is being fooled into thinking the first request match is the one needed. I don't think the error is in the locationmap but rather in the way the dispatcher generates the theme. However, I have not done any detective work to verify this.




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