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Wrapping the exception into SecurityException in UGIExecutor.execute hides the original one



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      see: https://github.com/apache/flume/blob/trunk/flume-ng-auth/src/main/java/org/apache/flume/auth/UGIExecutor.java#L49

      This has unexpected side effects as the callers try to catch the wrapped exception, for example in BucketWriter.append(): https://github.com/apache/flume/blob/trunk/flume-ng-sinks/flume-hdfs-sink/src/main/java/org/apache/flume/sink/hdfs/BucketWriter.java#L563
      Here IOException is considered as non-transient failure thus the close() is called, but when the original exception is wrapped into SecurityException it doesn't trigger the close of the file.
      Similarly in HDFSEventSink.process() method the `IOException` is handled in a different way than any other exception. It might come from BucketWriter.append() or BucketWriter.flush() for example, and both of them invoke the hdfs call via a PrivilegedExecutor instance which might be the problematic UGIExecutor.

      The bottom line is that the contract in PrivilegedExecutor.execute() is that they shouldn't change the exception thrown in the business logic - at least it's not indicated in its signature in any way. The default implementation (SimpleAuthenticator) behaves according to this.

      I don't know the original intend behind this wrapping, jrufus or hshreedharan, do you happen to remember? (You were involved in the original implementation in FLUME-2631)

      Right now I don't see any problem in removing this and letting the original exception to propagate as the org.apache.flume.auth.SecurityException doesn't appear anywhere in the public interface.


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