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Create a SpoolDirectory Source and Client


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      The proposal is to create a small executable client which reads logs from a spooling directory and sends them to a flume sink, then performs cleanup on the directory (either by deleting or moving the logs). It would make the following assumptions

      • Files placed in the directory are uniquely named
      • Files placed in the directory are immutable

      The problem this is trying to solve is that there is currently no way to do guaranteed event delivery across flume agent restarts when the data is being collected through an asynchronous source (and not directly from the client API). Say, for instance, you are using a exec("tail -F") source. If the agent restarts due to error or intentionally, tail may pick up at a new location and you lose the intermediate data.

      At the same time, there are users who want at-least-once semantics, and expect those to apply as soon as the data is written to disk from the initial logger process (e.g. apache logs), not just once it has reached a flume agent. This idea would bridge that gap, assuming the user is able to copy immutable logs to a spooling directory through a cron script or something.

      The basic internal logic of such a client would be as follows:

      • Scan the directory for files
      • Chose a file and read through, while sending events to an agent
      • Close the file and delete it (or rename, or otherwise mark completed)

      That's about it. We could add sync-points to make recovery more efficient in the case of failure.

      A key question is whether this should be implemented as a standalone client or as a source. My instinct is actually to do this as a source, but there could be some benefit to not requiring an entire agent in order to run this, specifically that it would become platform independent and you could stick it on Windows machines. Others I have talked to have also sided on a standalone executable.

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