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Flink app rolled back with old savepoints (3 hours back in time) while some checkpoints have been taken in between




      Here are all details about the issue:

      • Deployed new release of a flink app with a new operator
      • Flink Operator set the app as stable
      • After some time the app failed and stay in failed state (due to some issue with our kafka clusters)
      • Finally decided to rollback the new release just in case it could be the root cause of the issue on kafka
      • Operator detect: Job is not running but HA metadata is available for last state restore, ready for upgrade, Deleting JobManager deployment while preserving HA metadata.  -> rely on last-state (as we do not disable fallback), no savepoint taken
      • Flink start JM and deployment of the app. It well find the 3 checkpoints
      • Using '/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico' as Zookeeper namespace.
      • Initializing job 'flink-kafka-job' (6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6).
      • Recovering checkpoints from ZooKeeperStateHandleStore{namespace='flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/jobs/6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6/checkpoints'}.
      • Found 3 checkpoints in ZooKeeperStateHandleStore{namespace='flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/jobs/6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6/checkpoints'}.
      • Restoring job 6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6 from Checkpoint 19 @ 1692268003920 for 6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6 located at }}{{{}s3p://.../flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/checkpoints/6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6/chk-19.
      • Job failed because of the missing operator
      Job 6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6 reached terminal state FAILED.
      org.apache.flink.runtime.client.JobInitializationException: Could not start the JobMaster.
      Caused by: java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: There is no operator for the state f298e8715b4d85e6f965b60e1c848cbe * Job 6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6 has been registered for cleanup in the JobResultStore after reaching a terminal state.
      • Clean up the high availability data for job 6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6.
      • Removed job graph 6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6 from ZooKeeperStateHandleStore{namespace='flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/jobgraphs'}.
      • JobManager restart and try to resubmit the job but the job was already submitted so finished
      • Received JobGraph submission 'flink-kafka-job' (6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6).
      • Ignoring JobGraph submission 'flink-kafka-job' (6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6) because the job already reached a globally-terminal state (i.e. FAILED, CANCELED, FINISHED) in a previous execution.
      • Application completed SUCCESSFULLY
      • Finally the operator rollback the deployment and still indicate that Job is not running but HA metadata is available for last state restore, ready for upgrade
      • But the job metadata are not anymore there (clean previously)


      (CONNECTED [zookeeper-data-eng-multi-cloud.zookeeper-flink.svc:2181]) /> ls /flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/jobs/6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6/checkpoints
      Path /flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/jobs/6b24a364c1905e924a69f3dbff0d26a6/checkpoints doesn't exist
      (CONNECTED [zookeeper-data-eng-multi-cloud.zookeeper-flink.svc:2181]) /> ls /flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/jobs
      (CONNECTED [zookeeper-data-eng-multi-cloud.zookeeper-flink.svc:2181]) /> ls /flink-kafka-job-apache-nico/flink-kafka-job-apache-nico


      The rolled back app from flink operator finally take the last provided savepoint as no metadata/checkpoints are available. But this last savepoint is an old one as during the upgrade the operator decided to rely on last-state (The old savepoint taken is a scheduled one)




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