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Support external type systems in DDL




      Many connectors and formats require supporting external data types. Postgres users request UUID support, Avro users require enum support, etc.

      FLINK-19869 implemented support for Postgres UUIDs poorly and even impacts performance with regular strings.

      The long-term solution should be user-defined types in Flink. This is however a bigger effort that requires a FLIP and a bigger amount of resources.

      As a mid-term solution, we should offer a consistent approach based on DDL options that allows to define a mapping from Flink type system to the external type system. I suggest the following:

      CREATE TABLE MyTable (
      ) WITH(
        'mapping.data-types' = '<Flink field name>: <External field data type>'

      The mapping defines a map from Flink data type to external data type. The external data type should be string parsable. This works for most connectors and formats (e.g. Avro schema string).


      CREATE TABLE MyTable (
        regular_col STRING,
        uuid_col STRING,
        point_col ARRAY<DOUBLE>,
        box_col ARRAY<ARRAY<DOUBLE>>
      ) WITH(
        'mapping.data-types' = 'uuid_col: uuid, point_col: point, box_col: box'

      We provide a table of supported mapping data types. E.g. the point type is always maped to ARRAY<DOUBLE>. In general we choose a data type in Flink that comes closest to the required functionality.

      Future work:

      In theory, we can also offer mapping of field names. It might be a requirement that Flink's column name is different from the external system's one.

      CREATE TABLE MyTable (
      ) WITH(
        'mapping.names' = '<Flink field name>: <External field name>'


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