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Fix license documentation mistakes in flink-python.jar




      Issues reported by Chesnay:

      -The flink-python jar contains 2 license files in the root directory and another 2 in the META-INF directory. This should be reduced down to 1 under META-INF. I'm inclined to block the release on this because the root license is BSD.

      • The flink-python jar appears to bundle lz4 (native libraries under win32/, linux/ and darwin/), but this is neither listed in the NOTICE nor do we have an explicit license file for it.

      Other minor things that we should address in the future:

      • opt/python contains some LICENSE files that should instead be placed under licenses/
      • licenses/ contains a stray "ASM" file containing the ASM license. It's not a problem (because it is identical with our intended copy), but it indicates that something is amiss. This seems to originate from the flink-python jar, which bundles some beam stuff, which bundles bytebuddy, which bundles this license file. From what I can tell bytebuddy is not actually bundling ASM though; they just bundle the license for whatever reason. It is not listed as bundled in the flink-python NOTICE though, so I wouldn't block the release on it.


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