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Flink (on YARN) sometimes needs too many slots




      THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM FLINK-15007, even though the text looks almost the same.

      This was discovered while debugging FLINK-14834. In some cases a Flink needs needs more slots to execute than expected. You can see this in some of the logs attached to FLINK-14834.

      You can reproduce this using https://github.com/aljoscha/docker-hadoop-cluster to bring up a YARN cluster and then running a compiled Flink in there.

      When you run

      bin/flink run -m yarn-cluster -p 3 -yjm 1224 -ytm 1224 /root/DualInputWordCount.jar --input hdfs:///wc-in-1 --output hdfs:///wc-out && hdfs dfs -rm -r /wc-out

      and check the logs afterwards you will sometimes see three "Requesting new slot..." statements and sometimes you will see four.

      This is the git bisect log that identifies the first faulty commit (https://github.com/apache/flink/commit/2ab8b61f2f22f1a1ce7f92cd6b8dd32d2c0c227d):

      git bisect start
      # good: [09f2f43a1d73c76bf4d3f4a1205269eb860deb14] [FLINK-14154][ml] Add the class for multivariate Gaussian Distribution.
      git bisect good 09f2f43a1d73c76bf4d3f4a1205269eb860deb14
      # bad: [01d6972ab267807b8afccb09a45c454fa76d6c4b] [hotfix] Refactor out slots creation from the TaskSlotTable constructor
      git bisect bad 01d6972ab267807b8afccb09a45c454fa76d6c4b
      # bad: [7a61c582c7213f123e10de4fd11a13d96425fd77] [hotfix] Fix wrong Java doc comment of BroadcastStateBootstrapFunction.Context
      git bisect bad 7a61c582c7213f123e10de4fd11a13d96425fd77
      # good: [edeec8d7420185d1c49b2739827bd921d2c2d485] [hotfix][runtime] Replace all occurrences of letter to mail to unify wording of variables and documentation.
      git bisect good edeec8d7420185d1c49b2739827bd921d2c2d485
      # bad: [1b4ebce86b71d56f44185f1cb83d9a3b51de13df] [FLINK-14262][table-planner-blink] support referencing function with fully/partially qualified names in blink
      git bisect bad 1b4ebce86b71d56f44185f1cb83d9a3b51de13df
      # good: [25a3d9138cd5e39fc786315682586b75d8ac86ea] [hotfix] Move TaskManagerSlot to o.a.f.runtime.resourcemanager.slotmanager
      git bisect good 25a3d9138cd5e39fc786315682586b75d8ac86ea
      # good: [362d7670593adc2e4b20650c8854398727d8102b] [FLINK-12122] Calculate TaskExecutorUtilization when listing available slots
      git bisect good 362d7670593adc2e4b20650c8854398727d8102b
      # bad: [7e8218515baf630e668348a68ff051dfa49c90c3] [FLINK-13969][Checkpointing] Do not allow trigger new checkpoitn after stop the coordinator
      git bisect bad 7e8218515baf630e668348a68ff051dfa49c90c3
      # bad: [269e7f007e855c2bdedf8bad64ef13f516a608a6] [FLINK-12122] Choose SlotSelectionStrategy based on ClusterOptions#EVENLY_SPREAD_OUT_SLOTS_STRATEGY
      git bisect bad 269e7f007e855c2bdedf8bad64ef13f516a608a6
      # bad: [2ab8b61f2f22f1a1ce7f92cd6b8dd32d2c0c227d] [FLINK-12122] Add EvenlySpreadOutLocationPreferenceSlotSelectionStrategy
      git bisect bad 2ab8b61f2f22f1a1ce7f92cd6b8dd32d2c0c227d
      # first bad commit: [2ab8b61f2f22f1a1ce7f92cd6b8dd32d2c0c227d] [FLINK-12122] Add EvenlySpreadOutLocationPreferenceSlotSelectionStrategy

      I'm using the streaming WordCount example that I modified to have two "inputs", similar to how the WordCount example is used in the YARN/kerberos/Docker test. Instead of using the input once we use it like this:

      text = env.readTextFile(params.get("input")).union(env.readTextFile(params.get("input")));

      to create two inputs from the same path. A jar is attached.


        1. DualInputWordCount.jar
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          Aljoscha Krettek

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