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Allow to enable SSL mutual authentication on REST endpoints by configuration




      With Flink 1.6 SSL mutual authentication was introduced for internal connectivity in FLINK-9312
      SSL support for external connectivity was also introduced in regard to encryption of the connection and verification of the Flink REST endpoint from the client side.

      But mutual authentication between the REST endpoint and clients is not supported yet.
      The documentation suggests  using a side car proxy to enable SSL mutual auth on the REST endpoint and points out the advantages of using a feature rich proxy.

      While this is a good rationale, there are still important use cases for support of  simple mutual authentication directly in Flink: Mainly support for using standard images in a containerized environment.

      There are tools used to setup Flink Jobs (for example on Kubernetes clusters) and act as gateways to the Flink REST endpoint and the Flink web interface. To prevent unauthorised access to Flink the connectivity has to be secured. As the tools acts as gateway it is easy to create and pass a shared keystore  and truststore used for mutual authentication to the Flink instances configurations.

      To enable for SSL mutual authentication on REST endpoints, I am suggesting to add a the configuration parameter `security.ssl.rest.authentication-enabled` which defaults to `false`.
      If it is set to `true` the `SSLUtils` factories for creating the REST server endpoint and the REST clients should set authentication to required and share `security.ssl.rest.keystore` and `security.ssl.rest.truststore` to setup SSL mutual authenticated connections.


      I have a working prototype which I would gladly submit as a PR to get further feedback. The changes to Flink are minimal and the default behaviour won't change.



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