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Standby Dispatcher locks submitted JobGraphs




      Currently, standby Dispatchers lock submitted JobGraphs which are added to the SubmittedJobGraphStore if HA mode is enabled. Locking the JobGraphs can prevent their cleanup leaving the system in an inconsistent state.

      The problem is that we recover in the SubmittedJobGraphListener#onAddedJobGraph callback which is also called if don't have the leadership the newly added JobGraph. Recovering the JobGraph currently locks the JobGraph. In case that the Dispatcher is not the leader, then we won't start that job after its recovery. However, we also don't release the JobGraph leaving it locked.

      There are two possible solutions to the problem. Either we check whether we are the leader before recovering jobs or we say that recovering jobs does not lock them. Only if we can submit the recovered job we lock them. The latter approach has the advantage that it follows a quite similar code path as an initial job submission. Moreover, jobs are currently also recovered at other places. In all these places we currently would need to release the JobGraphs if we cannot submit the recovered JobGraph (e.g. Dispatcher#grantLeadership).

      An extension of the first solution could be to stop the SubmittedJobGraphStore while the Dispatcher is not the leader. Then we would have to make sure that no concurrent callback from the SubmittedJobGraphStore#SubmittedJobGraphListener can be executed after revoking leadership from the Dispatcher.


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