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Functional UI test for FlexJSTest_again example



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      This is a sample RIATest project that shows how to test the functionality of FlexJSTest_again JS output.

      The contents of this directory must be located in a folder that is sibling to src directory of FlexJSTest_again example,
      e.g. assuming this directory is named "tests" the tree should be as follows:


      • bin
      • src
      • tests
      • FlexJSTest_again.rtp
      • *.rts files

      Please follow these steps to execute the tests:

      1. Download and install RIATest from http://www.cogitek.com/riatest/download.html

      2. Make sure Google Chrome is installed on your system.

      3. Run RIATest and open FlexJSTest_again.rtp project.

      4. Select Run|Run Tests menu (or press F5).

      5. Chrome browser must be opened and UI tests performed, then the browser will close.

      6. RIATest will now show the execution results.

      To run the tests from the command line do this:

      Windows: "%RIATEST5%\riatest.exe" -b -r -p FlexJSTest_again.rtp
      Mac: "/Applications/RIATest 5/RIATest.app/Contents/MacOS/RIATest" -b -r -p FlexJSTest_again.rtp

      To use a different browser use command line option -l, e.g. to use Firefox instead of Chrome do this:

      "%RIATEST5%\riatest.exe" -b -r -p FlexJSTest_again.rtp -l firefox

      Note: FlexJSTest_again example currently (13 Apr 2013) works incorrect under Firefox so the tests WILL fail.

      Calling from Ant:

      You can use Ant's built-in exec task to call RIATest from your ant projects. For example:

      <target name="test" description="test the project">
      <property environment="env"/>
      <exec dir="." executable="${env.RIATEST5}\riatest.exe" failonerror="true">
      <arg line="-b -r -p FlexJSTest_again.rtp"/>


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