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Fineract interaction with external or third party applications

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      Fineract webhooks enable it to communicate or interact with external or third party services/applications. However, there are use cases where Fineract is being integrated or used along side third party services in which a certain functionality might need to be triggered in Fineract by and external service but Fineract currently only supports one way interaction (Fineract to external service through webhooks) but not vice versa (from external service to Fineract). 


      Example use case: Fineract is used alongside a third party service which deals with money transactions. If user maybe wants to make a purchase or make money transfer and has 0 balance in his/her account, an option might be provided by the user's financial institution to transfer funds from the user's accounts in Fineract (if sufficient) or apply for a loan. This functionality of the third party application interacting with Fineract is usually done through webhooks and Fineract currently does not support interaction with external webhooks.



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