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      We currently have src/main/resources/swagger-ui/response.json (checked into Git).

      That file seems to have been manually put there by people over time. https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/629 (which got superseded by https://github.com/apache/fineract/pull/695) mentions that, quote:

      The already existing response.json file in src/main/resources/swagger-ui/ is the spec generated with the request https://localhost:8443/fineract-provider/api/v1/swagger.json. Every time a modification is done on the swagger docs or a new swagger doc is added, this spec needs to be generated again at runtime and the response.json file as well updated so that the modifications can be seen on the UI.

      and also:

      The io.swagger.core.v3.swagger-gradle-plugin is a plugin i had added to automatically generate the specs during build time and not at run time. This was so that every time one builds on the project, the response.json updates. But this did not work as expected.

      The review process of the PR raise for this issue will be as follows: We will modify one of the descriptions in one of those annotations added in the original PR. We will (manually, locally) run ./gradlew build. If that updates the src/main/resources/swagger-ui/response.json, then this task is done, and the proposed PR will be merged.

      kangbreder would you like to do this? Please raise PR with ONLY this change, nothing else. Specifically, please do NOT add other Gradle plugins to the build which are not directly related to this specific goal. For example, building client libraries, or moving that response.json file elsewhere, is out of scope of this sub-task. (I'll be creating another sub-task about those things.)

      awasum sanyam (sanyam96 ?) FYI


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