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Support rescheduling repayments on holidays



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      Our client is currently trying to migrate from their current financial software, but one of the configuration options is not present in Fineract. The option changes the way Fineract schedules loan repayments. Instead of rescheduling a repayment to a different day in the week, holidays would reschedule the repayment to the next due date and extend the schedule. For example with a holiday like this http://i.imgur.com/Dl8B3DX.png a loan that has a repayment fall in the holiday will be rescheduled to the next week and the following repayments will be postponed. http://i.imgur.com/l9OfTDm.png With this the loan term is extended and the repayment that landed on a holiday is repaid on the next due date.

      I already have a proof of concept patch for this, but I think there are some issues with it. As such, I would like to work with a developer to discuss the best way to implement this, or if you would like, we can just figure out why my patch occasionally enters an infinite loop...

      As a related request, the client is looking to have the interest due at this repayment to be redistributed across the full loan schedule. I wasn't sure if I should include this in this issue report or to make a new one that is related to this issue.




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