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Issues With Productive Collection Sheet related to charges



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      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a center under Head Office with activation date 01 January 2015. Attach meeting to the center with start meeting date 01 Jan 2015 and frequency of meeting weekly, that is every friday.
      2. Create a group under this center
      3. Create a client under this group and activate him/her on 01 January 2015.
      4. Apply for JLG loan application(with charge installment fee) for this client with assigned staff.Submit, approve on 01 January 2015 and disburse it on 02 January 2015.
      5. Go to Productive Collection Sheet and enter the following details:
      Branch Office: Head Office
      Meeting Calender: 09 January 2015
      Staff: *Give the name of the staff which is assigned during JLG loan account creation.
      6. Click on Productive Collection Sheet.
      7. In the productive collection sheet page, it only shows the amount without charge(installment fee). See the 1.png attached with this issue.
      8.In the productive collection sheet page, click on submit button. It comes back to the collection sheet page without any message like "Productive Collection Sheet' submitted successfully" (see 2.png)
      9. Now click on back button on your browser and now the page will be navigated to paying charge(installment fee) productive collection sheet page. (See 3.png). Thus it will create confusion for users.
      10. Now click on submit button. and charge will be paid successfully and it will be reflected on Repayment Schedule and Charges tabs for that client.

      Expected Result: Both installment amount and charges associated with it should be paid simultaneously on productive collection sheet.


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