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Unable to Inactivate Annual (or any other recurring fees) fees under certain conditions



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      Reported by Vishwas Babu at https://mifosforge.jira.com/browse/MIFOSX-1841

      Original Description:
      The restriction put in for waiving annual fees (or any other recurring fee is that the fee should not already be due before it can be waived)
      So, for example, I create an annual fee applicable on 15th January, the following workflow results in an error
      1) Create a savings account on 2012
      2) Try to waive the fee as of today (todays date is 14th Jan 2015). I should not be able waive the fee since two instances of the fee 15th Jan 2013 and 15th Jan 2014 have already been applied
      3) Next pay the fees for 2013 and 2014
      4) Now the next due fee is as of tomorrow (Jan 15 2015). So If I inactivate the fee today, i.e on 14th Jan we see an error saying the fee cannot be inactivated as it has already been applied. The error is invalid as the next due date of the fee is tomorrow, so the fee has not yet become due
      subramanya Can you please test this out on 1.26 and ensure that you are able to reproduce the same.
      Finally before making the issue as fixed, test out this bit of functionality in entirety as there could be regression issues




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