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Repaid every setting can't be edited without restarting loan application

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      When attempting to create a new loan account (an instance of a loan product), when you modify the repaid every setting from monthly to weekly and then switch back to weekly, it still retains monthly setting and can't be submitted.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to Allen E Client
      2. Add new Loan Account
      3. Fill out parameters
      4. Modify Repaid every by changing it from weeks to months and then specify fourth Wednesday of the month.
      5. Revert this change by switching repaid every back to 1 weeks
      6. Click Submit

      Error message gets displayed saying frequency day of week type must be provided when frequency nth day type is fourth.

      See attached screenshot.

      The loan form seems to think repaid monthly is still selected even though it's repaid weekly. The only way to submit the loan would be to start over the loan application from scratch.




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