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      As a user
      I want to be able to configure the down-payment option for the disbursements at the loan product level
      in order to collect the down-payment amount at the time of disbursement.

      Background and details:

      Based on the loan product configuration it should be possible to collect same day payment as the first instalment. 
      It should allow to collect multiple down payments for multiple disbursements of the same account.


      1. Down-payments are similar to Instalments in the system where amount allocations, repayment fulfilment works same as Instalment
      2. Down-payment will be treated as an Instalment during calculation of overdue, arrears and delinquencies
      3. When Payment allocation is introduced - repayment on down-payments will follow as per the new allocations
      4. Specified due-date charges when added will be allocated to the next down-payment or instalment
      5. When the second disbursement is reversed - the down-payment also will be reversed
      6. It will be possible to reschedule the down-payments same as Instalments
      7. Down-payment once enabled for loan product- it will be applied for all loan accounts of that product and all disbursements of those loan accounts
      8. Down-payment % once defined at the loan product - the same % will applied to all disbursements of those loan accounts
      9. Charge-back if applied on one of the repayments - the charge-back amount will be added to the next down-payment or Instalment which ever is next
      Acceptance criteria
      1. As a user I should be able to configure the down-payment option at the loan product level
        1. Down-payment can be configured to be collected at %[ ] amount of disbursement amount
        2. Option to collect down-payment automatically or should be collected manually by the user should be available (automatic repayment of down-payment [V] )




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