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Couchbase integration in Fineract CN Mobile & required changes in Fineract CN




      What is Couchbase?

      Couchbase Mobile is the complete NoSQL database solution for all data storage, access, sync, and security across the entire application stack. It includes an Embedded database, Rest API, and Synchronization. 

      How it is implemented in FCN Mobile?

      I added a String variable named "documentType" in two Data Classes like:

      String documentType = "Group"


      String documentType = "Customer"

      As I described above Couchbase database stores all data models as a JSON so to query data from the client-side and convert the retrieved JSON files to the data models (Kotlin data classes), we need to know the exact class type of each file.   Please take a look at the attached screenshot to see how data are being stored in Coucbase Server locally

      The required change in Fineract CN:

      • In order to sync data between the Mobile app and Fineract Server, developers need to add a variable named documentType in all data classes when integrating Couchbase and Sync Gateway in Fineract CN. 
      • For install and configuring Coucbhase in local machines follow this instruction.
      • Click here to review the pull request of CouchbaseLite implementation in Fineract CN Mobile



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