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[fileupload] State the maximum size in the error message



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      As per an email discussion with Martin Cooper, I would like to suggest that
      when a FileUpload request fails because the file size exceeded the maximum
      size, that the maximum size be stated in the error message. This would help
      the user since he would now know the maximum size; otherwise, he won't know
      how small a file will fit within the maximum size, just that he had exceeded
      an unspecified limit.

      It might be even more helpful if the message stated the name and size of the
      user's file that had violated the maximum size. For instance: "The file you
      just tried to upload, foo.jpg, was 2,000,000 bytes in size which exceeds the
      maximum size supported by this server, 500,000 bytes." This would help the
      user determine which file was the offender and how much smaller it needed to
      be to satisfy the server's limits.

      Of course, if the user was trying to upload several files, it is the aggregate
      size of all of the files that violates the maximum size. In that case, perhaps
      all the names and sizes of the files involved should be specified, as should
      the maximum size allowed by that server. This starts to be an unwieldy message
      but it would be very useful nonetheless, at least in my view, and would enable
      even a very non-technical user to get out of trouble by themselves without
      involving the server's technical staff.




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