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[Framework] Use single file per bundle in bundle cache by default



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    • framework-3.2.2
    • framework-4.0.0
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      FELIX-2654 modified the bundle cache so it would use a single file per bundle to store bundle-related state (e.g., location, persisted state, etc.). The main reason was to reduce the amount of I/O performed during framework startup when you have lots of already cached bundles. This feature was disabled by default, since it didn't seem proper to introduce it in a micro release when it would result in bundle caches not being backward compatible with previous micro releases of 3.0.x.

      WIth the coming framework 4.0 release, we should switch this to be the default. Which means that new bundle caches created on 4.0 will not work with older releases. However, bundle caches created with older releases will be seamlessly converted by 4.0. Older caches will be converted non-destructively, so it is possible to go back, but if changes are made while running 4.0 on an older cache, then it is possible that they will get out of sync and will potentially no longer be backward compatible.

      For the foreseeable future, we can keep the felix.cache.singlebundlefile property which allows you to revert to the old behavior if you so choose. At some point in the future, though, it would be desirable to eliminate this property too and only support the new cache format.




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