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Bundle-ClassPath without "." while using maven-bundle-plugin in a war project confuses the plugin




      I am using a war type project, so the packaging is governed by
      maven-war-plugin. For the OSGi meta data in the war, I am using manifest
      goal of maven-bundle-plugin in process-classes phase. Yes, I have already
      looked at the excellent examples on this use case at [1]. However, my use
      case has one difference. I don't want "." in Bundle-ClassPath. Why? Because,
      it should never be. Files at the root level of .war file is never used
      directly by class loaders in web container; WEB-INF/classes and
      WEB-INF/lib/*.jar are used instead. As soon as I remove the "." from
      Bundle-ClassPath settings, bundle plugin is confused. I don't know why "."
      is necessary for bundle plugin to generate meta data? My guess is without
      it, it does not find any classes in the target dir?

      Please see the attached test case. I want to know two things:
      1. How to configure bundle plugin to generate Bundle-ClassPath that contains WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/lib/*.jar, but "." should not be part of the classpath?
      2. How to configure bundle plugin to generate Import-Package statements for classes packaged in WEB-INF/lib/*.jar?


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