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Drill web console query: support back button or add "edit query"

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      Drill recently added a very nice editor with SQL syntax highlighting to the Drill web console. An unintended side effect is that working with queries is now a bit harder.

      Previously, I could type a query into the "Query" text box, run it, and hit the browser's Back button to return to the edit box. This was particularly important when trying things out: run the query, it fails, hit Back to figure out what is wrong and try again.

      The new text editor does not "remember" the query when using the back button. The workaround is:

      1. Type the query.
      2. Select all and copy the text to the clipboard.
      3. Run the query.
      4. Hit back.
      5. Paste the query back into the text box.

      Another workaround is to:

      1. Type the query.
      2. Run the query.
      3. Click Profiles.
      4. Find the query.
      5. If it is short, copy the text, go back to the Query page and paste it.
      6. Else, click on the query.
      7. Click the Edit Query tab.

      Note that in the second path, the editor is cluttered up with query details, which I don't really care about when reediting the query.

      What is really needed is a much simper path:

      1. Type the query.
      2. Run the query.
      3. On the result page (success or error), provide an "Edit Query" button.
      4. The button takes me back to the editor, with the query filled in.

      Alternatively, find a way to restore back button functionality: hitting the Back button preserves the query I had previously entered.



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