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Support SQL syntax highlighting of queries



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      Based on the commit for DRILL-5981 (PR #1043), this JIRA's commit further leverages the Ace JavaScript library with customizations specific to Drill.

      This introduces the following to Drill:

      1. Syntax highlighting (This is also supported for submitted query profiles)
      2. Auto-complete supported in all SQL editors (including the Edit Query tab within an existing profile to rerunning the query).
        For browsers like Chrome, you should be able to type Ctrl+Space to show a drop down list for use. Arrow keys are used for navigating to the desired option.
      3. Specifying Drill specific keywords and functions in visible autocomplete
      4. Key snippets (template SQLs) allowing for rapid writing of syntax:
        i. Query System Tables
        ii. CView, CTAS, CTempTAS and CFuncJar
        iii. Alter Session
        iv. Explain and Select * queries
        This is done by leveraging the Snippets feature in the Ace library, which allows for writing SQL code from templates. Like auto-complete, this will insert a template for you. The required/optional fields are then selected (in order) for you to populate, as you complete each and navigate to the next using Tab.

      NOTE: The lists for items 3 and 4 are not exhaustive. As more features are added to Drill, these lists can be expanded.



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