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Fix serDe errors for format plugins



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.11.0
    • Fix Version/s: 1.12.0
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      Create unit tests to check that all storage format plugins can be successfully serialized / deserialized.
      Usually this happens when query has several major fragments.

      One way to check serde is to generate physical plan (generated as json) and then submit it back to Drill.

      One example of found errors is described in the first comment. Another example is described in DRILL-5166.

      Serde issues:

      1. Could not obtain format plugin during deserialization
      Format plugin is created based on format plugin configuration or its name.
      On Drill start up we load information about available plugins (its reloaded each time storage plugin is updated, can be done only by admin).
      When query is parsed, we try to get plugin from the available ones, it we can not find one we try to create one
      but on other query execution stages we always assume that plugin exists based on configuration.

      For example, during query parsing we had to create format plugin on one node based on format configuration.
      Then we have sent major fragment to the different node where we used this format configuration we could not get format plugin based on it and deserialization has failed.
      To fix this problem we need to create format plugin during query deserialization if it's absent.

      2. Absent hash code and equals.
      Format plugins are stored in hash map where key is format plugin config.
      Since some format plugin configs did not have overridden hash code and equals, we could not find format plugin based on its configuration.

      3. Named format plugin usage
      Named format plugins configs allow to get format plugin by its name for configuration shared among all drillbits.
      They are used as alias for pre-configured format plugiins. User with admin priliges can modify them at runtime.
      Named format plugins configs are used instead of sending all non-default parameters of format plugin config, in this case only name is sent.
      Their usage in distributed system may cause raise conditions.
      For example,
      1. Query is submitted.
      2. Parquet format plugin is created with the following configuration (autoCorrectCorruptDates=>true).
      3. Seralized named format plugin config with name as parquet.
      4. Major fragment is sent to the different node.
      5. Admin has changed parquet configuration for the alias 'parquet' on all nodes to autoCorrectCorruptDates=>false.
      6. Named format is deserialized on the different node into parquet format plugin with configuration (autoCorrectCorruptDates=>false).


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