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Using convert_from timestamp_impala gives a random error



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    • 1.6.0, 1.7.0
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      Drill Commit # fbdd20e54351879200184b478c2a32f238bf2176

      The following query randomly generates the below error.

      select convert_from(create_timestamp, 'TIMESTAMP_IMPALA') from dfs.`/drill/testdata/temp.parquet`;
      Error: SYSTEM ERROR: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
      Fragment 0:0
      [Error Id: 9fe53a95-c4ae-424d-8c6d-489abab2d2ca on qa-node190.qa.lab:31010] (state=,code=0)

      The underlying parquet file is generated using hive. Below is the metadata information

      /root/parquet-tools-1.5.1-SNAPSHOT/parquet-meta temp.parquet 
      creator:          parquet-mr version 1.6.0 
      file schema:      hive_schema 
      voter_id:         OPTIONAL INT32 R:0 D:1
      name:             OPTIONAL BINARY O:UTF8 R:0 D:1
      age:              OPTIONAL INT32 R:0 D:1
      registration:     OPTIONAL BINARY O:UTF8 R:0 D:1
      contributions:    OPTIONAL FLOAT R:0 D:1
      voterzone:        OPTIONAL INT32 R:0 D:1
      create_timestamp: OPTIONAL INT96 R:0 D:1
      create_date:      OPTIONAL INT32 O:DATE R:0 D:1
      row group 1:      RC:200 TS:9902 
      voter_id:          INT32 UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:4 SZ:843/843/1.00 VC:200 ENC:RLE,BIT_PACKED,PLAIN
      name:              BINARY UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:847 SZ:3214/3214/1.00 VC:200 ENC:PLAIN_DICTIONARY,RLE,BIT_PACKED
      age:               INT32 UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:4061 SZ:438/438/1.00 VC:200 ENC:PLAIN_DICTIONARY,RLE,BIT_PACKED
      registration:      BINARY UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:4499 SZ:241/241/1.00 VC:200 ENC:PLAIN_DICTIONARY,RLE,BIT_PACKED
      contributions:     FLOAT UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:4740 SZ:843/843/1.00 VC:200 ENC:RLE,BIT_PACKED,PLAIN
      voterzone:         INT32 UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:5583 SZ:843/843/1.00 VC:200 ENC:RLE,BIT_PACKED,PLAIN
      create_timestamp:  INT96 UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:6426 SZ:2642/2642/1.00 VC:200 ENC:PLAIN_DICTIONARY,RLE,BIT_PACKED
      create_date:       INT32 UNCOMPRESSED DO:0 FPO:9068 SZ:838/838/1.00 VC:200 ENC:RLE,BIT_PACKED,PLAIN

      I attached the log file and the data file


        1. error.txt
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          Rahul Kumar Challapalli
        2. temp.parquet
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          Rahul Kumar Challapalli

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