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Unable to enter Base DN ending in 'dc='

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    • Bug
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    • 0.8.1
    • 1.1.0
    • studio-ldapbrowser
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    • LDAP Studio 0.8.1 on Windows XP MCE 2005


      I'm trying to establish a Connection to an iPlanet LDAP server. The Base DN for this server is of the form 'dc=smtp,dc=company,dc=com,dc=' - note the trailing 'dc='. This Base DN is valid and mandatory - access to this server won't work without it.
      If I attempt the 'Fetch Base DNs' function, I get a java.lang.NullPointerException error while fetching the Base DN.
      If I leave 'Get base DNs from Root DSE' set, the Connection fails to open with an error of "Empty Value is not allowed! Can't set Base DN entry'.
      If I attempt to type in the actual Base DN, I get a popup that states 'Please enter a valid Base DN'.
      If I attempt any other value for Base DN, the connection fails with a LDAP error 32 - No Such Object.

      I am able to browse the server with the Novell ldapsearch and the LDAP Browser/Editor v2.8.2, but not with an OpenLDAP ldapsearch 2.3.30, if that helps anything.

      I don't know if relaxing the Base DN validation rule on the Connection form is enough to fix my issue as I see no way to test that scenario. Hand-editing the connections.xml (putting in a fake final dc=blah and then deleting the blah value from the file) does not seem to have done the trick.



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