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Changed of behaviour in ApacheDS 2.0.0.AM25 vs ApacheDS 2.0.0-M24



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    • 2.0.0.AM25, 2.0.0.AM26
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      We have an application on which we are using ApacheDS as a test time dependency to verify if the ldap functionality is working. On a hight level, the application tests a use case by leveraging ApacheDS testing framework where we want to search through the Directory Service using a search filter. The search is working fine for versions 2.0.0-M24 (which is the expected result), but it is failing on versions 2.0.0.AM25 and above versions with the following error ->



      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ERR_13247_INVALID_VALUE_CANT_NORMALIZE Invalid upValue, it cant be normalized]; remaining name 'ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com'


      We cannot downgrade to DS 2.0.0-M24 because it is not compatible with jetty version 9.4.53.v20231009 and we have a plan to upgrade jetty to 9.4.53.v20231009 to avoid CVEs. 



      Attaching the pom.xml, example.com.ldif and the Java test file ApacheDSITest.java to facilitate reproduction. To reproduce, simply place them in the following project structure and do a mvn clean install -> 


      Project Dir


      | - pom.xml
      | - src
           | - test 
                | - java
                    | - org.example 
                          | - ApacheDSITest.java
                | - resources
                     | - ldap 
                           | - example.com.ldif



        1. ApacheDSITest.java
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        2. example.com.ldif
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          Anmol Sundaram
        3. pom.xml
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          Anmol Sundaram



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