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Add support for rfc4525 (increment)



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      It would be great to add support for RFC 4525 : http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4525

      As described by Ashton Davis in the mail with subject "Feature Request: AutoIncrement fields"
      I run my Linux environment authentication from Directory Server, and so I use Posix users and groups. As I continue to add users to the system, I'm finding it to be an increasing inconvenience to have to find the last UID I used and increment by one. There are programmatic ways to handle this, but none of them truly address the issue. What we need is to have Directory Server (and Directory Studio) handle incrementing numerical ID fields.
      There's already an RFC in existence: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4525

      Another "nice to have" would be enforcement of unique fields (uidNumber should be able to be forced unique)

      Use case:
      I'm creating a new user for my linux environment.
      They get created as posixAccount, which requires uidNumber
      I give them their cn, gidNumber (which is one of two right now), homeDirectory, loginShell, etc - nothing out of the ordinary.
      Then I get to uidNumber. I have to make sure I know what uidNumber was used last. Find it. Add one to it. And hope nobody else has added users since I last did.

      Click uidNumber field -> check "auto-increment" and "unique"
      Once I save the entry, it creates a uidNumber for me and applies it to the field.

      I hope that's detailed enough.




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