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INSERT/UPDATE incorrectly require user to have privilege to execute CHECK constraints on the target table.



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      According to the discussion on DERBY-6429, CHECK constraints run under the aegis of the constraint owner and their privileges do not need to be checked when running INSERT/UPDATE statements. However, Derby requires the INSERTer/UPDATEr to have EXECUTE privilege on functions invoked by CHECK constraints and USAGE privilege on types mentioned by CHECK constraints.

      Hopefully, this bug will be fixed by the work on DERBY-6429.

      The following script shows this behavior:

      connect 'jdbc:derby:memory:db;user=test_dbo;create=true';

      call syscs_util.syscs_create_user( 'TEST_DBO', 'test_dbopassword' );
      call syscs_util.syscs_create_user( 'RUTH', 'ruthpassword' );

      – bounce database to turn on authentication and authorization
      connect 'jdbc:derby:memory:db;shutdown=true';
      connect 'jdbc:derby:memory:db;user=test_dbo;password=test_dbopassword' as dbo;

      – schema
      create function absoluteValue( inputValue int ) returns int
      language java parameter style java deterministic no sql
      external name 'java.lang.Math.abs';

      create type hashmap external name 'java.util.HashMap' language java;

      create function makeHashMap() returns hashmap
      language java parameter style java no sql
      external name 'org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.UDTTest.makeHashMap';

      create table t1_check_function
      a int check ( absoluteValue( a ) > 100 )

      create table t1_check_type
      a hashmap check( (a is not null) or (a is not null) )

      – data
      insert into t1_check_function( a ) values -101;

      insert into t1_check_type( a ) values ( makeHashMap() );

      – privileges
      grant insert on t1_check_function to ruth;
      grant update on t1_check_function to ruth;

      grant insert on t1_check_type to ruth;
      grant update on t1_check_type to ruth;

      connect 'jdbc:derby:memory:db;user=ruth;password=ruthpassword' as ruth;

      – incorrectly fails because ruth does not have EXECUTE privilege on absoluteValue()
      insert into test_dbo.t1_check_function values ( -102 );
      update test_dbo.t1_check_function set a = -103;

      – incorrectly fails because ruth does not have USAGE privilege on hashmap
      insert into test_dbo.t1_check_type values ( null );
      update test_dbo.t1_check_type set a = null;


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