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Make Optimizer trace logic pluggable.


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      Right now the trace logic in the optimizer is hard-coded to produce a stream of diagnostics. It would be good to be able to plug alternative trace logic into the optimizer. This would make the following possible:

      1) Plug in trace logic which produces formats which are easier to study and which can be analyzed mechanically. E.g., xml formatted output.

      2) Plug in trace logic which can be used during unit testing to verify that the optimizer has picked the right plan. Over time this might make it easier to migrate canon-based tests to assertion-based tests.

      1. derby-6211-01-aa-createPlugin.diff
        74 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      2. derby-6211-02-aa-cleanup.diff
        28 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      3. derby-6211-02-ab-cleanup.diff
        28 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      4. derby-6211-03-aa-customTracer.diff
        17 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      5. derby-6211-04-aa-moveOptimizerTracerToEngineJar.diff
        15 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      6. derby-6211-05-aa-xmlOptimizerTracer.diff
        46 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      7. derby-6211-06-ab-packageProtect-XMLOptTrace.diff
        0.6 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      8. derby-6211-07-aa-useSchemaQualifiedNamesInSummaries.diff
        10 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      9. derby-6211-07-ab-useSchemaQualifiedNamesInSummaries.diff
        10 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      10. derby-6211-08-aa-fixNPE.diff
        2 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      11. derby-6211-09-aa-addTests.diff
        35 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      12. derby-6211-10-aa-makingCostEstimateObject.diff
        11 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      13. derby-6211-11-aa-moveTracerOutOfOptimizer.diff
        18 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      14. derby-6211-11-ab-moveTracerOutOfOptimizer.diff
        18 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      15. derby-6211-12-aa-traceEndOfQueryBlock.diff
        23 kB
        Rick Hillegas
      16. derby-6211-13-aa-SelectNode_optimizer.diff
        7 kB
        Rick Hillegas

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