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text for message XSLA4 might encouraging people to delete part of the transaction log



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      This is not new, but while reviewing some of the 'disk full' messages resulting from one of the long-running system tests, I realized that the text of ERROR XSLA4 could be read, by people unfamiliar with derby and brave or in a panic, as suggesting one to delete parts of the log directory:

      "ERROR XSLA4: Cannot write to the log, most likely the log is full. Please delete unnecessary files. It is also possible that the file system is read only, or the disk has failed, or some other problems with the media."

      We've been fighting people deleting files from the log directory, and even if this message text may not be the culprit, it certainly is open for misinterpretation.

      I think we need to change this message.
      English language experts and native as well as non-native speakers are particularly invited to chime in.

      One suggestion is:
      Error encountered when attempting to write the transaction recovery log. Most likely the disk holding the recovery log is full. If the disk is full, the only way to proceed is to free up space on the disk by either expanding it or deleting files not related to Derby. It is also possible that the file system and/or disk where the Derby transaction log resides is read only. The error can also be encountered if the disk or filesystem has failed.


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