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Allow ORDER BY and FETCH/OFFSET in set operands


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      Deviation from standard


      Currently, Derby doesn't allow ORDER BY nested in a set operand, e.g. in the following construct:

      (select i from t1 order by j offset 1 row) union
      (select i from t2 order by j desc offset 2 rows)

      This is allowed by the standard, as far as I can understand, cf. this quote from section 7.12 in SQL 2011:

      <query expression body> ::=
      <query term>

      <query expression body> UNION [ ALL DISTINCT ]
      [ <corresponding spec> ] <query term>
      <query expression body> EXCEPT [ ALL DISTINCT ]
      [ <corresponding spec> ] <query term>

      <query term> ::=
      <query primary>

      <query term> INTERSECT [ ALL DISTINCT ]
      [ <corresponding spec> ] <query primary>

      <query primary> ::=
      <simple table>

      <left paren> <query expression body>
      [ <order by clause> ] [ <result offset clause> ] [ <fetch first clause> ] <right paren>

      I.e. the left paren chooses the second alternative in the production for <query primary>.

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