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Different SQL State is returned when executing "shutdown=true" - locally or remotely



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      Different SQL State is returned when executing "shutdown=true" Derby URL attribute while executing the shutdown Database connection locally or remotely. Using "embedded" vs "client" Derby drivers.

      Here is some background information:

      • Using the embedded Derby Network Server deployment (derbynet.jar)
      • Using the JDBC Derby Client (derbyclient.jar)
      • Using the Derby Engine (derby.jar)

      When executing the following - if database has not been booted yet (or already shutdown) - the SQL State Code is "XJ004":
      DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby:MyDatabase;shutdown=true;deregister=false", user, pass);

      When executing the following - if database has not been booted yet (or already shutdown) - the SQL State Code is "08004":
      DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby://myhost.mycompany.net:1527/MyDatabase;shutdown=true;deregister=false", user, pass);

      The SQL State Code of "08004" usually is returned with an SQL Exception if "User Authentication is Invalid" for example username and / or password is incorrect.

      Here is the error message:
      Error Code: '40000', SQL State Code: '08004' and Exception: 'java.sql.SQLNonTransientConnectionException: The connection was refused because the database <database_name>;shutdown=true;deregister=false was not found.'

      Separately, the error message "database was not found" is actually misleading because the database actually does exist and it just has not been been booted yet, or it has already been shutdown. The Derby Network Server has not been shutdown, only the database and it is possible to check if the database exists on the file system.

      The reason why this is important is because when using Derby Replication, when replication is started - the databases must be identical and in sync, so the database must be shutdown cleanly, copied over, and replication will be started. Since the Salve Derby must start before Master Derby, it is required to be able to remotely shutdown the Master Derby database from the Slave Derby instance (host).


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