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Document the new SQL standard behavior of the SPACE_TABLE vti


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      We will want to improve the Reference Guide section on the SPACE_TABLE vti after we commit the derby-5554-02-aa-0argConstructor.diff attached to DERBY-5554. We will want to make the following changes:

      1) Describe the new TABLEID column which was added to SPACE_TABLE:

      Column Name: TABLEID
      Type: CHAR
      Length: 36
      Nullable: False
      Contents: The id of the table which the conglomerate belongs to.

      2) Describe the additional no-arg constructor for this vti. There are now 3 ways to construct this vti:

      i) No args. This is the new constructor which needs to be described. When the vti is invoked with no arguments, it retrieves space information for all tables and indexes in the database.

      ii) One argument. This constructor is already described. If the vti is invoked with one string argument, then that argument is the name of a table in the current schema.

      iii) Two arguments. This constructor is already described also. When the vti is invoked with two string arguments, the first argument is a schema name and the second argument is a table name.

      3) Replace the first SPACE_TABLE example. That example uses Derby-specific syntax which falls outside the SQL Standard. Showcasing non-standard syntax encourages users to try out other non-standard syntax, giving rise to bugs like DERBY-5554. We should showcase the following standard syntax instead:

      select t2.*
      sys.systables systabs,
      table (syscs_diag.space_table()) as t2
      where systabs.tabletype = 'T'
      and systabs.tableid = t2.tableid;

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