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      in some cases there seem to be issues with SQLAuthorisation in conjunction with database VIEWS.
      Please see attached files as repro (script.txt has only the SQL I executed, output is the output resulting when running the script).
      I would think identical results should be returned in all cases and independent on how the view has been defined, but this to my surprise not being the case:

      1) Trying to select from view appl."VW_MyTasks" - which is a simple view defined on just one table - leads to expected results, i.e. "my" tasks are being returned.
      2) Trying to select from view appl."VW_MyPriorityTasks - which is a view defined on two joined tables without using an inner join clause - leads to expected results, i.e. "my" priority tasks are being returned.
      3) Trying to select from view appl."VW2_MyPriorityTasks - which is the same view but now the two tables joined using an inner join clause - leads to an error and no tasks returned (when the same results as in 2) above were expected).
      4) Trying to select from view appl."VW3_MyPriorityTasks" - which is a view defined using a subselect - also unexpectedly leads to an error.

      Note: While I could rewrite each inner join clause with changing the syntax like in 2) above, this provides a simple work-around for such cases. May be there is a work-around for subselects also (not sure if every subselect could be rewritten to a join?). However when depending on using EXISTS constructs in the query there unfortunately is no way (I would know of) to get around this problem. Unfortuanetly a view that makes use of EXISTS is also one I would need to define in my data base...



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