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Row from SYSDEPENDS gets deleted when a table has update triggers defined on it and an upate is made to the table


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      I have an ij script below which shows that the number of rows in SYSDEPENDS go down by 1 for the following test case after an update is made to a table with update triggers defined on it. Am not sure what kind of problems the missing dependnecy might cause.

      connect 'jdbc:derby:c:/dellater/db1;create=true';
      CREATE TABLE ATDC_13_TAB1(c11 int, c12 int);
      insert into ATDC_13_TAB1 values (1,11);

      create table ATDC_13_TAB2(c21 int, c22 int);
      insert into ATDC_13_TAB2 values (1,11);

      create table ATDC_13_TAB3(c31 int, c32 int);
      insert into ATDC_13_TAB3 values (1,11);

      create table ATDC_13_TAB1_backup(c11 int, c12 int);
      insert into ATDC_13_TAB1_backup values (1,11);

      create trigger ATDC_13_TAB1_trigger_1 after update
      on ATDC_13_TAB1 for each row mode db2sql
      SELECT C21 from ATDC_13_TAB2;

      create trigger ATDC_13_TAB1_trigger_2 after update
      on ATDC_13_TAB1 for each row mode db2sql
      SELECT C31, C32 from ATDC_13_TAB3;

      – following shows 14 rows
      select * from sys.sysdepends;
      update ATDC_13_TAB1 set c12=11;
      – following shows only 13 rows

      I tried this on 10.2 and 10.8 and saw the same behavior on both. It seems like the dependency that gets dropped is between the stored prepared statement and a table. Have not spent enough time to find out more details but I thought it is worth pointing out the behavior
      select * from sys.sysdepends;


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